Handcrafted Furniture and Accessories
Dracombe Furniture is more an experience than just furniture. In this information age, things are made to be quick and inexpensive. I personnaly think there is still room for quality tough. I wanted to find a way to create a full experience out of acquirering furniture, this is how I came up with the idea for Dracombe Furniture. Handcrafted, hand delivered custom made furniture that would hopefully hold a sentimental value for it's owner...
Dracombe Serial numbers...
Each piece has a serial number which is unique. With this number you can come to this web site and get information about the piece you are looking at. Over time people can post pictures or comments about the piece. Graduation pictures, birth wishes for a child or any other comments that would last a life time and would mean the world for a person. If you happened to get your hands on a piece in a yard sale, you will be able to have an history of the piece and maybe you can keep adding to it by sending us comments on how you got it. The choice is yours!

What customers have to say about us!
"Beginning with the online history of it's origins to an extremely special hand delivery by the craftsman himself, the event that is owning a Dracombe piece has been nothing short of wonderful."

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